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Shoppe Swoon - Now Open

After months of renovations, followed by stocking and styling, we are pleased to announce the opening of Swoon Home & Gift in Santa Clara, UT. April Hickman's vision of a high-end home boutique curated with new, vintage and artisan goods, has come to life inside a 1936 bungalow in the heart of Southern Utah. This home has deep historical roots and a legacy that many members of the community have been a part of for generations. We didn't want to take away from that legacy, merely enhance the home's preexisting charm. We completed some major, and much needed, renovations without changing the structure of the house. By keeping the original floors and floorplan and simply making some necessary, yet gorgeous, updates we were able to retain the story inside and give the home a beautiful renewal of sorts. We are so happy with how the shop has turned out and now that the doors are open, we invite you to come shop and see this charming house for yourself!


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