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Heber Encircle House

We are so excited to finally share the finished project at our Heber Encircle house. We feel so honored to be a part of this opportunity and work with Encircle, a nonprofit dedicated to creating havens and resources for the LGBTQ youth in their communities throughout Utah. Designing this Victorian home was so inspiring as so many beautiful elements were already there to begin with - gorgeous woodwork, original floors and door hardware. Emphasizing the natural charm and creating a cohesive feel were our top priorities. We wanted a modern, sophisticated twist to the Victorian style so we chose more unexpected colors with bold hardware and surfaces - like a traditional black and white checkered floor in the kitchen and dining mixed with modern terracotta chairs and a bold light fixture that contrast with the soft matte blue walls and classic brass hardware in the kitchen. For the larger furniture in the home we opted for timeless lines in luxe textures like velvets and leather, opting for subtle hues that complement each other and the wall color. It's sophisticated but with a touch of fun and a degree of coziness we hope everyone who enters will enjoy.


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