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Let's Talk White Paint

White paint - the enigma of all paints, mercurial in nature but oh so rewarding when it's done right. Here's what we're loving right now and some tips on how to do it right.

There are three main things you need to look for when choosing white paint.

  1. Undertones. This aspect of white paint can be tricky. It's all in the eye of the beholder - are you drawn to subtle greens, yellows, reds, warm or cold tones? Most white paint samples are separated by their color grouping so it's best to start by what you're drawn to and what works with the lighting in your space. Which brings us to the next point.

  2. Lighting. It's important to pay attention to the lighting in your space, especially when it comes to paint colors. Do you have a lot or a little natural light? Do your windows face north, south, etc.? The best thing you can do is paint multiple samples on different walls in your home and watch the way the light hits them. Do they pull green or yellow in the afternoon? Does bright morning light cast a pink tint? This part can be time consuming, but you'll be so happy you took the time to figure it out!

  3. Play with the depth. Did you know you can change the lightness of your paint color by asking for percentage at the paint counter? This trick is crucial if your wanting to coordinate your trim color with the wall color but add a touch of dimension. Going for a lower (lighter) percentage on walls and a higher (darker) on trim allows you to safely keep the undertones cohesive throughout your space.

This shot of the entry progress at our Mountain Vineyard home shows the subtle contrast between wall and trim color. Same paint shade, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, in 50% on the walls and 75% on the trim.

When you stay within the same undertones you reduce the contrast that can be very noticeable in certain lighting. You achieve less color change and an overall cohesive look.

Some of our favorite whites we've been loving right now are:

- Shoji White, SW

- White Duck, SW

- White Sand at 50%, SW

- White Dove, Benjamin Moore

- Feather Down, Benjamin Moore

When it comes to white we know what a pain it can be to choose just the right color. We hope these tips help smooth the process!


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