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Gift Guide - Fashion

1. Lounge Set this set from H&M looks so cozy and luxe. Perfect for lounging around during the holidays and the price is perfect too.

2. Bluelight Glasses these ones from Amazon are so stylish. When you're staring at screens all day your eyes could definitely use a rest and why not look cute too?

3. Gold Necklaces are always stunning. We love these dainty ones from Katie Waltman, and they're perfect for layering.

4. Slippers from Ugg. These are hot this year and it's no wonder; they're super soft and warm. Perfect for wearing indoors or out on these cold winter days.

5. Smiley Hat we love this cute simple hat, it's great for wearing on those between-wash hair days if you know what we mean!

6. 90's slim-straight Jeans from Abercrombie are such a classic shape they look good on everyone. High quality and they come in a few different colors; these ones are bound to become part of your everyday wardrobe.

7. Soft Roll Socks these ones from Anthropologie are beyond soft. You will put these on and never want to wear any other type of socks again.

8. Sweater this gorgeous one is from Madewell and the color is everything. Such a perfect weave and not too heavy for everyday wear.

9. Cloth Coat from Zara is on everyone's wish list here in the studio. Some of us might even have more than one! It's such a perfect staple coat to dress up any outfit and a great price too.

10 Leggings from Lululemon - need we say more? Believe the hype about these - they are just as amazing as everyone says and no dupe can compare. No rolling top, thick but not too thick material with great coverage. They are definitely worth it!


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